Grief and Loss:                        Working with children/adolescents and families on processing grief and loss around death of  loved ones                                                                             and/or separation from family members.

Self- Harm:                               Working with children/adolescents and families on identifying triggers for self-harming behaviors, create a                                                                      safety plan for child/family to follow, teach children/adolescents and family emotional regulation, distress                                                                        tolerance, mindfulness, and self-esteem skills.

Sexual Abuse:                          We work with children/adolescents and families on processing past sexual abuse, create a safety plan for                                                                           children/adolescents and families to follow, teach parents ways they can support and keep their children safe.

RAD:                                              (Reactive Attachment Disorder) We work with children/adolescents and family on understanding diagnosis,                                                                    teach about appropriate boundaries, educate on the difference between “time out” and “time in” and parenting                                                              strategies, process past trauma with children/adolescents and families, work on building and strengthening                                                                      family relationships.  

Adjustment Disorders:      We work with children/adolescents and families on changes in their home, school, or family dynamics  (i.e. new                                                                sibling, moving, transferring schools, divorce, and blended families.)

PTSD:                                            Screening of children/adolescents with the Life Events of Traumatic Experiences, PROPS, and CROPS                                                                                 assessment tools. Work with children/youth and families on processing trauma and work to create an                                                                                   individualized coping skills list.



Trauma Focused Care

Child and Family Services of Yuma, Outpatient Program offers therapy, family support, and life skills to assist children/adolescents and their families in dealing with past and current trauma in their lives.