Trauma Focused Care

Child and Family Services of Yuma, Outpatient Program offers therapy, family support, and life skills to assist children/adolescents and their families in dealing with past and current trauma in their lives.

Grief and Loss:                        Working with children/adolescents and families on processing grief and loss around death of  loved ones                                                                             and/or separation from family members.

Self- Harm:                               Working with children/adolescents and families on identifying triggers for self-harming behaviors, create a                                                                      safety plan for child/family to follow, teach children/adolescents and family emotional regulation, distress                                                                        tolerance, mindfulness, and self-esteem skills.

Sexual Abuse:                          We work with children/adolescents and families on processing past sexual abuse, create a safety plan for                                                                           children/adolescents and families to follow, teach parents ways they can support and keep their children safe.

RAD:                                              (Reactive Attachment Disorder) We work with children/adolescents and family on understanding diagnosis,                                                                    teach about appropriate boundaries, educate on the difference between “time out” and “time in” and parenting                                                              strategies, process past trauma with children/adolescents and families, work on building and strengthening                                                                      family relationships.  

Adjustment Disorders:      We work with children/adolescents and families on changes in their home, school, or family dynamics  (i.e. new                                                                sibling, moving, transferring schools, divorce, and blended families.)

PTSD:                                            Screening of children/adolescents with the Life Events of Traumatic Experiences, PROPS, and CROPS                                                                                 assessment tools. Work with children/youth and families on processing trauma and work to create an                                                                                   individualized coping skills list.