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Child and Family Services of Yuma, Outpatient Program offers therapy, family support, and life skills services to assist children/adolescents and their families in dealing with past and current trauma in their lives.

Family Dynamic - CFS Yuma


Child and Family Services of Yuma, Outpatient Program aims to work with families on improving their own family dynamics by assisting families to learn new communication and relationship skills, improve family functioning and structure, and increase healthy family life styles and choice.

Behavior Management - CFS Yuma


Child and Family Services of Yuma, Outpatient Program offers behavioral management to children/adolescents and their families. With the families assistance to identify the behavioral issues, teaching replacement behaviors and skills and encourage behavioral change through positive motivation, developing reward systems with the families, and increasing motivation for change.

Yuma Veterans - CFS Yuma

In 2014, Child and Family Services of Yuma started Right Turn for Yuma Veterans (RTYV), a transitional housing program for homeless veterans. This program provides homeless or at-risk of being homeless veterans with a permanent transition from homelessness to financial and social independence by providing transitional housing to include room and board, assistance in obtaining financial independence, medical benefits and services, and re-engagement with community and family. Currently, Right Turn is able to house six veterans at a time and has serviced over 100 veterans since its opening.

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Arizona Complete Health and Banner Health utilizes a team approach called the Child and Family Team better known as CFT’s. These teams include a Case Manager from the Intake Agency, support providers for counseling, and support services. The team can also include psychiatric services and a variety of assessment resources. Additional team members can include school representatives, other health providers, church or family members, and anyone else that is a member of the family’s support network. These meetings provide a means of communication that increases the families opportunity for success and the development of a positive future.

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